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“Dança” by J. Carlos

Pioneer Women Composers of Brazil
Chiquinha Gonzaga & Carolina Cardoso de Menezes
27 January 2021

The puzzling origins of “Nova Ilusão”
When two musicians team up to compose a song,
who writes the lyrics?

8 September 2014

The corporate lyricist
Mangione stands in for Vinicius de Moraes. Why?
29 June 2010

That sea song
How many tunes are the offspring of “O Mar”?
18 February 2010

Trio Surdina
The history of a legendary musical group.
by Jorge Mello, 7 August 2007

Gastão Bueno Lobo
The man who introduced the banjo to Brazil.
by Jorge Mello, 18 July 2007

A Culpa é do Walt
Como Ernesto Nazareth foi parar
num desenho do Pato Donald.

5 Maio 2004; tradução: 9 Março 2007

The last king of carnaval is gone
Braguinha is dead at 99.
24 December 2006

One can always dream
Unraveling the Gnattali-Barbieri mystery.
23 December 2006

What F. Scott Fitzgerald knew about maxixe
A young novelist looks back on a dance fad.
28 February 2006

Launching Ary’s songs in the USA
Before Walt, there were Carmen,
André, and Eddy.

24 May 2005

Ary Barroso in Argentina
An unknown disc surfaces in Buenos Aires.
Might there be more?

8 April 2005

Blame it on Walt
How Ernesto Nazareth landed
in a Donald Duck cartoon.

5 May 2004

Happy Birthday, Lalá
Lamartine Babo to the rescue of MPB.
10 January 2004

The globetrotting Romeu Silva
The saxophonist and his band in France.
17 November 2003

A portrait of the artist as a young man
Ary Barroso in Poços de Caldas.
7 November 2003

Ary Barroso’s unknown album
The composer’s first LP
went unnoticed for 50 years.

22 July 2003

Emperor of the ephemeral
Haroldo Lobo, the king of alegria,
is now best known for “Tristeza.”

18 April 2003

Haroldo Lobo song lyrics

The herbal bath
How the young Ary Barroso
found fame and fortune.

17 March 2003

Untangling the web of “Bambo do Bambu”
An embolada with nine lives.
29 January 2003

The political side of Ary Barroso
Chamberlain, Hitler, Carmen,
and the mixed salad.

6 August 2002

Zé Espinguela revealed
In her downloadable monograph
Villa-Lobos, Sôdade do Cordão,
Ermelinda A. Paz sheds new light
on a little-known episode
of the Rio carnaval.

28 March 2002

The convoluted history of “Linda Flor”
The first samba-canção had
four sets of lyrics, five titles,
and six listed authors.
Which version came first?

27 March 2002


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