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The seven signals of Almir Sater

The violeiro releases his first album in a decade.

Daniella Thompson

8 January 2007

Brazilian country music, or música caipira, can be as schlocky as its north-American counterpart. However, when it’s good, it rises to heights never encountered in the United States.

With Almir Sater, it rises very high indeed.

The Pantanal native’s last album came out in 1997, so the recent launch of his latest CD, 7 Sinais, consisting of ten previously unreleased songs, came as manna from heaven to his legions of fans.

Sater’s fans are a dedicated and resolute bunch. They run a weblog whose sole purpose is to spread the Sater gospel. The Almir Sater orkut community is an astonishing 27,163 strong (and the number keeps going up by the hour). By way of comparison, the Renato Teixeira community numbers 5,622 members, the João Gilberto community 7,701, and the Ary Barroso community a mere 982.

The Almir Sater faithful tell you where to buy the disc, and they even managed to browbeat me into posting this item in less than 12 hours. That’s a first (and probably a last).

Unfortunately, there are precious few places online where you can sample the music. Rádio Viola on violacaipira.com is probably the best. There are, however, several videos you can watch. Being live events, and given the fervent following generated by the artist, some will be loud and give you the wrong impression about this CD, which is calmly paced and lyrical in nature.

The 7 Sinais song lyrics are available on the unofficial Almir Sater website. Velas stablemate Dominguinhos participates on the accordion in “Lua Nova” and Luis Carlos Borges guests on “Serra de Maracajú” and “Cubanita.”

Almir Sater: 7 Sinais
(Velas; 2006) 35:40 min.

01. No Rastro da Lua Cheia (Almir Sater/Renato Teixeira)
02. Maneira Simples (Almir Sater/Paulo Simões)
03. Serra de Maracajú (Almir Sater/Paulo Simões)
04. Planície de Prata (Almir Sater/Paulo Simões)
05. 7 Sinais (Almir Sater/Paulo Simões)
06. Pitiguyri (Almir Sater/Tavinho Moura)
07. Horizontes (Almir Sater/Renato Teixeira)
08. Lua Nova (Almir Sater/Paulo Simões)
09. Cubanita (Almir Sater/Paulo Simões)
10. Três Toques de Madeira (Almir Sater/Paulo Simões)

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