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Reviews 2002

Daniella Thompson

Out on the town with Gallotti
The king of the rodas
shows off his samba.

25 November 2002

Immortal Afro-Sambas
Clara Sandroni & Marcos Sacramento’s
take on the classic suite.

17 November 2002

A national treasure called Hermínio
Hermínio Bello de Carvalho hands Brazil
two more golden roses.

8 November 2002

The silent partner revealed
Newton Mendonça was much more
than Tom Jobim’s alter ego.

28 October 2002

Serenade for a dead president
Memorial commemorates JK’s centenary in song.
12 October 2002

The pleasure of hearing him again
João Gilberto sings the same songs, differently.
6 October 2002

Deep beauty
Etel Frota writes, speaks,
and sings of love and pain.

27 September 2002

To Africa via Minas Gerais
Sérgio Santos steps up the rhythm with Áfrico.
18 September 2002

Masterful samba
Cláudio Jorge’s Coisa de Chefe
is in line for a Latin Grammy.

25 July 2002

Tem gringo no samba
Non-Brazilians make Brazilian music
too, and it’s not all bossa nova.

3 July 2002

Stone Flower revisited
A rock critic’s Jobinian reverie,
and my own.

27 June 2002

Léo Ortiz, the Grappelli of samba
In Exatamente Assim,
the violin takes center stage.

26 June 2002

Crossing chords
Maogani’s second CD is a study in elegance.
14 June 2002

Mazzaropi and the Garfunkels
In Com Pacto Duplo, Jean and Paulo
Garfunkel sing a hymn to nostalgia.

6 June 2002

Super bass
Sizão Machado launches a disc
of his own after all these years.

29 May 2002

Expatriates, Pt. 4
Luciana Souza captivates in Brazilian Duos.
23 May 2002

Symphonic MPB
Francis Hime’s Sinfonia do Rio de Janeiro
de São Sebastião
DVD celebrates the
Cidade Maravilhosa in grand style.

15 May 2002

Expatriates, Pt. 3
Celia Malheiros evokes the spirits of tradition
in a thoroughly modern creation.

9 May 2002

Techno Jackson
Marco Bosco’s radical yet respectful
transformation of Jackson do Pandeiro.

3 May 2002

Beautifully Miúcha
The singer delights again
with songs off the beaten track,
majestically presented.

30 April 2002

Leo Peracchi, then and now
A remarkable disc is reprised
in a new mantle.

24 April 2002

The 1920s never had it so good
Lira Carioca launches two delectable
discs, but they’ll disappear quickly.

20 April 2002

Brilliant pop
Suely Mesquita’s Sexo Puro
is a triumph of creativity.

11 April 2002

Choro, Italian style
Gabriele Mirabassi plays
Pixinguinha and Sérgio Assad.

9 March 2002

Expatriates, Pt. 2
From Japan, Vasco Debritto evokes
nostalgic images of an ideal Brazil.

4 March 2002

Expatriates, Pt. 1
Some of the most exciting Brazilian popular
music is being made outside Brazil.

[on Claudia Villela & Ricardo Peixoto’s Inverse Universe]
21 February 2002

Dois no Choro’s Juntos
Flutist Julie Koidin and
guitarist/vocalist Paulinho Garcia
strike again with a lovely new disc.

13 February 2002


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