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Caymmi refined

Mateus Sartori reveals the lyrical Dorival
in Dois de Fevereiro.

Daniella Thompson

14 January 2008

Dorival Caymmi is one of the giants of Brazilian song, both as a songwriter and as a performer. At his prime, Caymmy’s rich baritone infused his music with masculine vigor. Yet the songs possess a gentle lyrical quality that reveals new shades of meaning through a tenor’s voice.

The singer Mateus Sartori of São Paulo is such a tenor. He possesses the refined perception and the vocal skills required to draw out the embedded lyrical content in Caymmi’s songs.

In producing Dois de Fevereiro, an album dedicated to the songs of Caymmi, Sartori had the best of help. The producer and co-musical director is Rodolfo Stroeter, best known as an ace bassist (he’s played with Joyce for many years) and the founder of the Pau Brasil record label (alas, no longer with us).

The two fashioned a voice-and-guitar album in which the accompanist changes with each song. And the seven guitarists are no slouches—one couldn’t ask for better: Paulo Bellinati (“Dora,” “Quem Vem pra Beira do Mar”); Guinga (“Só Louco”); Chico Saraiva (“Beijos pela Noite,” “A Jangada Voltou Só”); Webster Santos (“Acaçá,” “O Samba da Minha Terra” & “Você Já Foi à Bahia?”); Jardel Caetano (“Promessa de Pescador,” “Valerá a Pena”); Edmilson Capelupi (“Doralice”); Diego Figueiredo (“Rosa Morena,” “Dois de Fevereiro”); and Mário Gil (“Sargaço Mar”).

Webster Santos’ accompaniment in “O Samba da Minha Terra”— bouncy and full of notes—is followed by Guinga’s minimalist execution in “Só Louco.” But Santos, too, is capable of the lesser-said approach, as in the ruminative “Acaçá.” Diego Figueiredo’s guitar turns the normally rollicking “Dois de Fevereiro” into a gentle fantasia.

With such diversity in the accompaniment, the album gains fresh perspectives and variety of execution while maintaining unification of theme and sound by way of the material and Sartori’s beautifully expressive voice.

In Brazil, Dois de Fevereiro was released in a special CD+DVD edition. The version available in the U.S. appears to include only the CD.

Listen to Dois de Fevereiro on Mateus Sartori’s website.

Mateus Sartori at MySpace.

Digital purchase at Audio Lunchbox.

Mateus Sartori: Dois de Fevereiro
(Mateus Sartori MSCC 022) 2007; 45:42 min.

Songs by Dorival Caymmi
Produced by Rodolfo Stroeter
Mixed and mastered by Mario Gil

01. Acaçá
02. Rosa Morena
03. Promessa de Pescador
04. Dora
05. Beijos pela Noite (Caymmi/Jorge Amado/Carlos Lacerda)
06. Doralice
07. Quem Vem pra Beira do Mar
08. A Jangada Voltou Só
09. Sargaço Mar
10. O Samba da Minha Terra
11. Só Louco
12. Dois de Fevereiro
13. Valerá a Pena
14. Você Já Foi à Bahia?


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