Stokowski Stalked

Daniella Thompson

Courtesy of the Otto E. Albrecht Music Library,
University of Pennsylvania

Stalking Stokowski
Once upon a time, an American record company
got its hands on some rare and wonderful Brazilian music
and made it even rarer. This is the story of my hunt
for Native Brazilian Music.

Brazzil, February 2000

En attendant votre réponse urgente...
Villa-Lobos to Stokowski, or the
business side of cultural exchange.

4 March 2002

Donga to Villa-Lobos
How far did $500 go in 1940?
5 March 2002

An urban crisis in August 1940
Naked natives shock the establishment,
and other legends.

5 March 2002

Native Brazilian Music
Cover photos of the Columbia 78-rpm albums.
5 September 2003

Treasures in the Columbia vault
The Native Brazilian Music matrices
still exist (and then some).

4 November 2003

The best most danceable to date
Time Magazine reviews Native Brazilian Music.
10 January 2007

Library of Congress preserves Native Brazilian Music
Albums named to the 2006 National Recording Registry.
8 March 2007


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