Kluegel House Landmark Application Photos

Ordinance #4694 N.S.


Laura Belle Marsh Kluegel House

2667–2669 Le Conte Ave., Berkeley, CA 94709

Le Conte Avenue as seen from the roof of Kingman Hall. The arrow points to the Kluegel House. To the right are the Bentley House (A.H. Broad, 1900) and the Hatfield House (Julia Morgan, 1908).

Aerial view of Kluegel House roof (detail from City of Berkeley map)
Kluegel House roof as seen from the roof of Kingman Hall

Front (south) fašade in 1975 (Ormsby Donogh files, BAHA archives)

Front (south) fašade in 2005

View from the east

East gables viewed from the southeast

West fašade from seen from northwest
West fašade and entrance seen from southwest

West chimney, top part
West chimney

The east front door in 1972 (photo: Jim Stetson)
The same door in 2005

General view from southeast

Upper floors from northwest

Detail of east gables viewed from northeast

East gables

West gable

East gable viewed from northeast

View from the rear

Roof rear