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The art of modern song

Daniel Taubkin reveals strange beauties.

Daniella Thompson

26 September 2005

In a year that provided little inspiration for disc reviewing, Daniel Taubkin’s Uma Beleza Estranha has been haunting me for months. Rarely has an album been so richly deserving of its title.

A pure distillation of the art of the song, Uma Beleza Estranha explores the far reaches of melodic and lyrical nuances expressed by voice, guitar, and piano. Contemplative content takes precedence over rhythm. This is music for careful, repeated listening. And not just music, because the lyrics are poems that will move you on their own (read them all, in Portuguese and English).

With the lyrics at hand, go to AOL Música, where you can listen to the entire album. Click the link (not active here) ouça na íntegra o álbum “Uma Beleza Estranha” to activate the plug-in.

On the same page, you can watch a video interview with Daniel Taubkin and Arrigo Barnabé, who between them composed all but one of the songs in Uma Beleza Estranha. The pair also performs some of the songs on video.

For further information on this thoroughly captivating disc, visit the Uma Beleza Estranha page in the Organismo Vivo website (frames/no frames). Here you can also become acquainted with Taubkin’s previous work, including his US releases BRAzSIL and A Picture of Your Life.

Daniel Taubkin: Uma Beleza Estranha
(Organismo Vivo ovo 001; 2004) 57:36 min.

01. Disse Alguém (Fernando Marinho Falcão)
02. Pote de Ouro (Daniel Taubkin/Ciro Pessoa)
03. Todo Coração (Arrigo Barnabé/Eduardo Gudin/Roberto Riberti)
04. O Navio (Daniel Taubkin/José Wilson Lopes)
05. Londrina (Arrigo Barnabé)
06. As Cores (Daniel Taubkin/Fernando Marinho Falcão)
07. Luar (Arrigo Barnabé)
08. As Dádivas do Amante (Daniel Taubkin/Carlos Pena Filho*)
09. Cidade Oculta (Arrigo Barnabé/Eduardo Gudin/Roberto Riberti)
10. Caprichos (Daniel Taubkin/Fagundes Varela/Castro Alves**)
11. Astronauta Perdido (Arrigo Barnabé)
12. Sky of my blues (Arrigo Barnabé/Hermelino Neder/Carlos Rennó)
13. Sinhazinha em Chamas (Arrigo Barnabé)
14. Fim [Lástima] (Arrigo Barnabé)

* text from the poem “Vertigem Lúcida” (1958)
** text from poems by Fagundes Varela (1864) & Castro Alves (1865)

Daniel Taubkin: vocals & guitar
Arrigo Barnabé: Yamaha G5 piano; vocals in “ Luar”
Benjamim Taubkin: Yamaha G5 piano
Teco Cardoso: flutes in “Pote de Ouro”
Rodolfo Stroeter: contrabass in “Disse Alguém”


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