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Reviews 2003

Daniella Thompson

Year-end biscuits
Biscoito Fino’s assorted treats.
23 December 2003

Gaita paragon
Gabriel Grossi, harmonica Wunderkind.
19 December 2003

The madonna of seduction
Ana Lee’s delicate touch
is fatally addictive.
27 October 2003

Paulo, Kim, Johnny & Alaíde
Beautiful Brazilian jazz
by way of Germany.
22 October 2003

Jovino duplo
Jovino Santos Neto on
his two new discs.
4 October 2003

Chamber jazz for a desert isle
Three killer duos and a crack trio
conquer the blahs with elegant swing.
22 August 2003

Saudade do Nordeste
Teca Calazans & Heraldo do Monte pay a
quietly memorable tribute to their shared past.
4 August 2003

The 2003 Prêmio Visa finalists
1. Celso Adolfo’s rich mineiro poetry.
2. Rafael Alterio’s sage life lessons.
3. Vander Lee’s irrepressible energy.
4. Sérgio Santos’ melodius samba.
5. Chico Saraiva’s instrumental beauty.
July 2003

Fresh air
The surprising sound
of Cordel das Fitas.
27 June 2003

When samba-canção was hot
With Copacabana, Trovadores Urbanos
revive the Fifties in suitably nostalgic style.
24 June 2003

The power of understatement
Subtlety is Luciana Souza’s
best culture-crossing tool.
8 June 2003

Negritude Senior
Nei Lopes celebrates his black roots
in a double CD reissue.
22 May 2003

Dusting off the classics
Tira Poeira salutes the masters
in a fresh way all its own.
12 May 2003

Two modest nordestinos
Capiba & Humberto Teixeira
get the star treatment.
5 May 2003

Brazil’s Meistersinger
Zé Luiz Mazziotti does it again
with a virtuoso tribute
to Chico Buarque.
26 April 2003

Pixinguinha, Nazareth
& the Nau Catarineta

Brought to you by
Alcofra & Company,
3 April 2003

Two for jazz lovers
Marimbanda and Cama de Gato
play with the genres.
26 March 2003

Between Broadway and samba
Songbook reflects Billy Blanco’s
contrasting facets.
5 March 2003

An Italian modernist
in the land of the palms

Aldo Brizzi makes fusions, with
a little help from his friends.
26 February 2003

An angel’s voice from
the heart of Brazil

Renato Braz’s not-so-quixotic
quest for the poetic.
5 February 2003

Ivone com jazz
The first lady of samba collects
a tribute from Leandro Braga.
21 January 2003


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