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Reviews 2004

Daniella Thompson

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Early music for year’s end
Banza recovers tunes of the 17th century.
31 December 2004

Half & half plus Guinga
Mixed doubles with assorted offerings.
21 November 2004

From “Insensatez” to boTECOeletro
Potpourri for a troubled age.
4 November 2004

Emperor of samba
A secret called Marcos Sacramento.
by Ruy Castro
20 October 2004

Niterói grunge
Luís Capucho, irremediable poète maudit.
4 October 2004

Real jazz, really Brazilian
Filó Machado shows off his chops
in Jazz de Senzala.

21 September 2004

O Cantor das Multidões
Orlando Silva’s biography
returns in a third edition.

18 September 2004

Sardines, samba, choro, jazz
Pagode Jazz Sardinha’s Club straddles the genres.
4 September 2004

Elis & Tom, Special Edition 2004
To buy or not to buy?
1 September 2004

O Encontro au Bon Gourmet
The disc that no one reviewed.
27 August 2004

Fresh tradition
Johnson Machado’s vivacious choro
is the cat’s meow.

18 August 2004

Chansonnier par excellence
Marcio Proença sings of and for adults.
2 August 2004

Radamés, de novo
The Grigoryan brothers regale us with
a masterful reading of “Retratos.”

22 July 2004

You play what?
The fiddles and beats of Carcoarco.
9 July 2004

Mining Minas for poetry
Celso Adolfo sings his homeland.
12 June 2004

Invitation to the dance, Pt. 2
Chalana de Prata navigates the Pantanal.
19 April 2004

Invitation to the dance, Pt. 1
Paulo Moura’s gafieira romp.
19 March 2004

The modernity of tradition, revisited
Marcos Sacramento sings
memorable sambas.

30 January 2004


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