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Reviews 2006

Daniella Thompson

Tango: An Album of Brazilian Dances
Oxford publishes rare 19th-century piano scores.
11 November 2006

His own way of making samba
Eduardo Gudin is back with a new lineup.
16 November 2006

The return of Maurício Tapajós
CD commemorates the composer’s life
with previously unreleased songs.

8 November 2006

Where everything old is considered gold
Or, the joys of piracy.
3 September 2006

Mark Weinstein’s O Nosso Amor
The real liner notes.
31 July 2006

A toast to solitude
Exploring the dissonances of despair.
1 May 2006

A modern minstrel
The extraordinary voice of Lucio Sanfilippo.
29 March 2006

Why did she do it?
Ruy Castro plumbs the unanswered questions
surrounding Carmen Miranda’s life.

18 January 2006


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