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Reviews 2007

Daniella Thompson

De roupa italiana
Elisabetta Prodon revives forgotten
Italian versions of Brazilian songs.

21 October 2007

Italian lyrics for Brazilian songs
A companion to the CD Samba & Amore.
22 October 2007

Clarinet Time, part 1
Wilfried Berk and Daniel Wolff bridge the gap
between erudite and popular.

21 September 2007

The essential Paulinho da Viola
TV Globo 1980 Grandes Nomes show on DVD.
2 July 2007

Rock stars of the mandolin
Mike Marshall & Hamilton de Holanda live and on disc.
22 February 2007

Journeys to the popular front
Flávio Chamis shows his lighter side in Especiaria.
13 February 2007

The bass takes center stage (almost)
Nilson Matta & friends in Walking With My Bass.
29 January 2007

The seven signals of Almir Sater
The violeiro releases his first album in a decade.
8 January 2007


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