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Reviews 2008

Daniella Thompson

A year-end bouquet from Dois no Choro
The flute-guitar duo releases Asa Branca.
2 December 2008

Fake Bahians at work
Grupo Falso Baiano releases an accomplished choro album.
10 October 2008

Swinging both ways
Simply Kenia roams in two rich musical fields.
9 September 2008

It’s oh so sweet to be able to say “I told you so.”
A Modernidade da Tradição is released for the third time,
and now they’re finally listening.

16 July 2008

The Fettig factor
Mary Fettig releases Brazilian Footprints
with a concert at Yoshi’s Oakland.

18 June 2008

A Good Neighbor visit that was good
Walt & El Grupo evokes the magic and strife of a lost era.
29 April 2008

And now he sings.
Brazil’s most unclassifiable musician expands his horizons.
12 March 2008

Full moon
Lua Music’s fistful of delectable new releases.
19 January 2008

Caymmi refined
Mateus Sartori reveals the lyrical Dorival
in Dois de Fevereiro.

14 January 2008


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