Who did what

Daniella Thompson conceived this site in 1997. She is responsible for editorial content, research, and writing, as well as for site development & maintenance. She also publishes the The Ary Barroso Discography, the website Musica Brasiliensis, and the weblog magazine Daniella Thompson on Brazil.

Having created the site’s graphic style and iconography and hosted it until 2001, Ricardo Paoletti continues to design our new graphic material. Engineer by trade, Mr. Paoletti is a photographer based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Reynaldo Cue translated “Aquarela do Brasil” into Spanish especially for this site.

Manfred Zilker, Pauline Ridel, and Egídio Leitão contributed many song lyrics.

Lee Gregory supplied a long list of rare recordings of “Brazil” and revealed that Eddy Duchin had been the first to record the song in the USA.

René Antonio Nusdeu provided an almost endless list of obscure recordings. It will take us some time before we can verify and include them all.

Koichi Yasuoka, webmaster of the Luiz Bonfá Discography, provided information on Luiz Bonfá’s two recordings of “Na Baixa do Sapateiro.”

Wilfried Wittkowsky sent many tips about European recordings of “Brazil.”

Gabriel Gonzaga and Duane Shimizu pointed out various recordings we had missed.

Joe Carter provided a correct account of Baden Powell’s four different recordings of “Na Baixa do Sapateiro.”

Anthony Barnett sent a rare demo matrix of “Brazil” recorded by violinist Ginger Smock and the Jackson Brothers Orchestra.

Maria Pilar Alvarez Diaz was one of the readers who told us about a recording of “Brazil” by Pink Martini.

Much of the information about Ary Barroso’s life and work was gleaned from the books No Tempo de Ari Barroso (Rio de Janeiro: Lumiar Editora, 1993) by Sérgio Cabral, Ary Barrozo... “Um Turbilhão!” (Rio de Janeiro: Freitas Bastos, 1970) by Dalila Luciana, and Carmen Miranda (São Paulo: Brasiliense, 1984) by Luiz Henrique Saia.