This 1942 musical score of “Brazil” from Disney’s animated film Saludos Amigos includes the original Portuguese lyrics of “Aquarela do Brasil” along with an English version by Sidney Keith “Bob” Russell and an unattributed Spanish translation (the latter fraught with numerous assaults on the Spanish and Portuguese languages). We added a Spanish version that comes closer to the original, made especially for this website.


The complete

(English lyrics by S.K. “Bob” Russell)

The Brazil that I knew
Where I wandered with you
Lives in my imagination.

Where the songs are passionate,
And a smile has flash in it,
And a kiss has art in it,
For you put your heart in it,
And so I dream of old Brazil

Where hearts were entertaining June,
We stood beneath an amber moon
And softly murmured “someday soon”
We kissed and clung together,
Then tomorrow was another day
The morning found me miles away
With still a million things to say

Now when twilight dims the sky above,
Recalling thrills of our love,
There’s one thing I’m certain of;
Return I will
To old Brazil.

(French lyrics by Jacques Larue)

Terre d’ombre et d’amour
Doux rivage au ciel lourd
Où mon coeur a fait escale...
Où la danse est endiablée,
Où les nuits sont étoilées,
Où dans l’ombre ensorcelée
Chaque rêve offre un asile
Au coeur facile,
Ardent Brésil!

Où dans le soir limpide et chaud
Montent de l’ombre des ranchos
Les chants sauvages des gauchos,
Brésil! Où tout est merveilleux!
La croix du Sud au fond des cieux
mettant de rêve dans vos yeux
Que l’on voudrait rester toujours,
Mais, le vent vous parle de retour
Et le mirage un beau jour
N’est plus qu’un point sur la grève,
Adieu beau rêve,
Adieu Brésil!

(Unattributed Spanish version)

Tierra buena y hermosa
De morena graciosa,
De mirar tan indiscreto,

Oh Brazil verde que da
Para el mundo admirar,
El Brazil de mi amor
Tierra de Nuestro Señor,
Brazil! Brazil! A mi.

Oh esas palmeras murmurantes,
Donde yo cuelgo my hamaca,
En noches llenas de esplendor
Brazil! Brazil!
Oh En essas fuentes cristalinas
Donde la luna va a mirarse
Donde yo mitigo my sed

Oh Ese Brazil lindo y moreno
Es el Brazil Brazilero
Tierra de samba y canciones;
Brazil! Brazil!

Acuarela de Brasil
(Spanish translation by Reynaldo Cue)

Brasil, mi Brasil brasileño
Mi mulato mañoso
Voy a cantarte en mis versos
El Brasil, samba que da
Ese ritmo pa’ menea’
El Brasil de mi amor
Tierra de Nuestro Señor
Brasil! Brasil!
Pa’ mi... pa’ mi...

Ay, abre cortinas del pasado
Saca la Nana Negra de ese cerro
Pon al Rey Congo en lo congado
Brasil! Brasil!
Deja cantar de nuevo al trovador
A la melancólica luz de la luna
Toda la canción de mi amor
Quiero ver “señora doña” caminando
Por los salones arrastrando
Su vestido bordado
Brasil! Brasil!
Pa’ mi... pa’ mi...

Brasil, tierra buena y sabrosa
De la morena mañosa
De mirar indiscreto
El Brasil verde que da
Para el mundo admirar
El Brasil de mi amor
Tierra de Nuestro Señor
Brasil! Brasil!

Mira, el cocotero que da coco
Donde amarro mi hamaca
En noches claras de luna
Brasil! Brasil!
Mira, mira esas fuentes que murmullan
Donde yo apago mi sed
Y la luna viene a retozar
Mira ese Brasil lindo y trigueño
Es mi Brasil brasileño
Tierra de samba y pandero
Brasil! Brasil!
Pa’ mi... pa’ mi...

Aquarela de Brasil
(Translation by Daniella Thompson)

My Brazilian Brazil
My cunning mulatto
I will sing of you in my verses
Oh, Brazil, samba that gives swing,
That makes people sway
Oh, Brazil of my love
Land of Our Lord

Brazil! Brazil!
For me... for me...

Ah, open the curtain of the past
Bring the Black Mother1 down from the mountains
Place the Congo King2 in the congado3
Brazil! Brazil!
Let the minstrel sing again
In the melancholy moonlight
Every song of his love
I want to see the Bahian woman4
Trailing through the salons5
Her lacy skirts6

Brazil! Brazil!
For me... for me...

Good and savory land
Of the cunning dark-skinned woman
With an indiscreet gaze
Oh, Brazil, green that makes
The world amazed
Oh, Brazil of my love
Land of Our Lord

Brazil! Brazil!
For me... for me...

Oh, this palm tree that gives coconuts
Where I hang my hammock
On clear moonlit nights
Oh, hear these murmuring fountains
Where I slake my thirst
And where the moonlight comes to play
Oh, this Brazil, beautiful and swarthy
Is my Brazilian Brazil
Land of samba and pandeiro

Brazil! Brazil!
For me... for me...


  1. Black Mother: main figure in the Ilê Aiyê fest
  2. Congo King: a slave crowned in a traditional fest
  3. Congado: feast of Our Lady of the Rosary
  4. Bahian woman: metaphor for Black Brazil
  5. Salons: metaphor for White Brazil
  6. Lacy skirts: traditional costume of Bahian women

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